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Small Business Accounting & Services Pricing

Coakley Small Business Services has enjoyed steady growth thanks to the referrals of satisfied clients and the hard work of our staff. In response to this growth and in order to maintain our high standards, we use a tiered service plan.

We offer a dedicated team approach where even the smallest of businesses can have a Staff Accountant, Senior Staff Accountant and Controller. We liaison with tax preparers and auditors and can plan, manage and execute projects. In short, we deliver the benefits of a fully-functioning accounting department in proportions suited to the business’s needs. Our rates range from $49/hr to $85/hr depending on the complexity of the task and the skills and experience required.

Our rates reflect the realities of the job market and help ensure that CoakleySBS is able to attract and keep quality accounting personnel.

We run a timer as we work, recording time to the nearest minute. Monthly invoices are delivered via e-mail on or about the first of each month, with 10-day payment terms.

When we engage with a new client, we usually find that the first 3-6 months involve more time while we work together to learn the business, determine which processes may need updating or streamlining and work out the best ways to communicate. Once we settle into a routine, the cost of our bookkeeping services levels out to a fairly predictable sum, with fluctuations dependent on your business activity and non-routine projects.